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While we welcome your comments on any and all of our articles, here is a place for you to tell us about great places you’ve discovered in Tokyo. Please give us as much info as you can (website, phone number, address), and tell us why you like it! We’ll try to get out there, and maybe even write a review!


5 responses to “Your Recommendations

  1. Not sure if I have any recommendations, but I am having a shot a putting a few suggestions together at A work in progress, but progress will be made.

  2. For those who think Japanese beer is total crap and long for a yummy pale ale or just something that doesn’t have “dry” in the title, this place is AWESOME. It’s a microbrewery in Fussa, just a 15 minute walk from Haijima station, a bit further afield but well worth the trek if you’re coming from afar. I had the pleasure of enjoying a blueberry ale, their seasonal, and their other selections were equally palatable. As for food, they have an Italian place, which was wonderful. We had a four cheese pizza, complete with brie, and some sausages that were to die for. There’s also a traditional Japanese restaurant on the premisies about which I hear great things. A friend recommended the pork belly, but it was the same friend who recommended I try chicken knuckles at a different place. Highly, highly recommended.

  3. I lived 7 years in Mexico and after coming back I found (that as far back in 1998) the real and only mexican restaurant in Japan can be found in Shimotakaido station (Keio line) 10 min from shinjuku sta. or 13 min from
    shibuya sta. (Inogashira line, transfer to Keio line in Meidaimae sta,)
    You will find a complite menu of authentic mexican delicatessen.

  4. The restaurant name is POSADA DEL SOL

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