Side Dishes/Events

This is the place for TokyoFoodie sponsored events, restaurant openings, food and drink related events and more!

Check back here often for the latest in food lifestyle.

TokyoFoodie in the PRESS

We are proud to announce that Tokyo Foodie was recently written up in the Guardian UK as one of the top Restaurant sites in Tokyo. We want to thank you all for all your support! Keep eating!

Tokyo Foodie gets serious props for its categorisation of restaurant tips… call me a tosser, but a well-categorised blog is a good blog as far as I’m concerned and the rest can go swivel. There, I’ve said it. Tokyo Foodie even has categories for its categories! The “what are you looking for” category divides into sukiyaki, curry, sushi, fusion, yadda, yadda, and the “Neighborhoods” category divides the restaurant tips into, um, neighbourhoods.”


One response to “Side Dishes/Events

  1. Tokyo Foodie was just linked to in an article by the venerable food critic Jay Rayner.
    “And can you get good home Belarussian cooking in Tokyo? (Yes, as a matter of fact. You can get anything in Tokyo.)”

    I hope our new visitors enjoy Tokyo’s amazing Belarussian restaurant and our site!

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