R.I.P. Fujimamas!

Fujimamas Closed

Fujimamas Closed

As waves of foreigners continue to leave Japan, the establishments they frequent certainly cannot be far behind. Potentially the most blatant effect of this is the breaking news that Fujimamas Resturant, a well-known and ostensibly well-patronized Tokyo institution for 11 years, has just shut their doors for good. This comes as a huge surprise to Tokyo Foodie as well as many in the Tokyo community, as Fujimamas always seemed too big to fail, after all Mark and Lisa decided to open a second location in Hawaii.

One can imagine how much rent is in Harajuku though, and after initally closing just on Mondays, plummeting business meant that Fujimamas could just not sustain itself. Some in the Tokyo expat community point to Fujimamas perpetually stagnant menu as a prime example of what restaurants should avoid, after all, the restaurant was never quite as popular in Japanese culinary circles. Whatever the causes, we hope and know that other restaurants will take this as fair warning that in this cruel Darwinistic economy, only the best and most unique survive.

RIP Fujimamas.


7 responses to “R.I.P. Fujimamas!

  1. Damn! someone just told my how good their cocktails were….

  2. I heard that the reason for the closure was that the landlord increased the rent from around the 3.5M Yen/mth mark to around 6M Yen/mth. As far as I can remember business was still pretty good and didn’t seem to rely solely on ex-pat trade. Did you check with the proprietors or the front of house manager before writing this article?

  3. Its sad to see many retaurants closing lately , I heard thi place was very good.

  4. I was lucky enough to attend a Thanksgiving Day dinner here. The food was great. Too bad they closed up shop.

  5. This was my favorite restaurant in the world! Spent 2 thanksgivings there and some dinner dates with friends.

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